Nuclear Energy Glossary

BWRBoiling Water Reactor
Boiling Water ReactorA nuclear reactor which uses steam to transfer heat energy.
CANDUA Canadian designed pressurized heavy water reactor which uses unenriched Uranium as fuel.
FBRFast Breeder Reactor
Fast Breeder ReactorA fast reactor which is designed to produce more fuel than it consumes.
Fast ReactorsNuclear reactors which use fast neutrons from highly enriched fuel.
Heavy Water ReactorD2O, water with Dueterium atoms in place of hydrogen atoms. Heavy water does not absorb neutrons, making it more useful for reactors using unenriched Uranium.
Heavy WaterA nuclear reactor which uses heavy water as a moderator and heat transfer agent
LWRLight Water Reactor
Light Water ReactorA nuclear reactor which uses light water as a moderator and heat transfer agent.
Light WaterH2O, normal water
ModeratorA material which is used to slow down emitted electrons for the purpose of increasing the fission reaction rate to create a sustainable chin reaction. Moderators include: Light water, heavy water, and graphite.
NPTThe Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
PBMRPebble Bed Modular Reactor
PWRPressurized Water Reactor
Pebble Bed ReactorA nuclear reactor which uses a semi or fully inert gas as a heat transfer agent. These gases include helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.
Pressurized Water ReactorA nuclear reactor which uses superheated water to transfer heat energy.
Pu-239An isotope of Plutonium with 239 protons.
RBMKA Russian designed slow reactor which uses graphite as a moderator and light water as heat transfer agent.
Slow ReactorsNuclear reactors which use moderators to slow neutrons to increase fissioning of U-235.
U-235An isotope of Uranium with 235 protons.
U-238An isotope of Uranium with 238 protons.
Unenriched UraniumNatural Uranium, 0.7% U-235.

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