Nuclear Power Politics

Nuclear NowWith high probability, the countries of the world will face a decision between greatly expanded nuclear energy and a greatly reduced standard of living. Sooner or later the world will go for nuclear energy in a big way. If this is to be done in a technologically and economically optimal way, the changes will begin soon. Indeed it was a tragedy that ignorance and fanaticism prevented the good start on nuclear energy made in the 1960s from continuing. If it had, the US would already be in compliance with the Kyoto targets for CO2 emission.
Nuclear Power: Energy for Today and TomorrowOften, Environmentalism and Nuclear Power are seen as mutually exclusive. This page is designed to educate citizens about the environmental benefits of nuclear power.
Nuclear Power: Clean, Safe, and Needing a Level Playing FieldSome myths get in the way. There's the notion that the United States or the European Union could - if they chose - be independent of oil imports. There's the misconception that nuclear power is the most dangerous energy source, whereas it's the safest. And there's the delusion that alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind and biomass, can replace fossil fuels and nuclear power while maintaining modern living standards. Widespread faith in these myths has inhibited the development of a realistic energy policy.
Clean, Safe And Cost-Efficient Nuclear Power Can Change California's Gray Skies To BlueThe rediscovery of nuclear energy's benefits is heartening and the industry's future is bright because its record of meeting society's electricity needs safely, reliably and economically is unsurpassed.
Energy Future Includes Clean Nuclear PowerIf we want affordable, clean and reliable energy through this century, nuclear power must be part of our national energy strategy.
Nuclear Reaction: Why Do Americans Fear Nuclear Power?PBS Special on Nuclear Power
Top scientists back nuclear powerThe UK will be unable to cut greenhouse gas emissions without new nuclear power stations, the country's top science academy has warned.

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